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Net Sales Calculator

Net Sales Sales (accounting) are the true benefits of your sold products. It is calculated from your sold products minus your total costs like (allowances, discounts, and sale returns). Net sales calculator is an online tool where you can easily calculate your net sales.

How to Calculate Net Sales?

All we need is your information to enter, and after that, our website's calculation tool will calculate things for you. If you want to calculate things manually, then follow the below steps.

Step 1: Suppose you sold per month (20 products), (price is 2000$)
(allowances are 5000), (discounts are 5000), (sales returns are 10000).

Step 2: 20 products * 2000$ price = 40000$ Revenue

Step 3: 5000 allowances + 5000 discounts + 10000 sales returns = 20000$ Total Costs

Step 4: 40000$ Revenue - 20000$ Total Costs = 20000$ Net Sales